Jemusic Library,
Sound Effects,
Dialogue Production and
Recording Studio

Along with the recording studio equipment comes an impressive array of music and sample libraries, sound effects, voice over and dialogue production facilities, and the recording space to successfully complete work on your audio project.

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Large analog and digital tape library consisting of every multitrack recorded.  2 track stereo masters on DAT and CD of all Jemusic productions from 1980 to present.

Large CD collection of a wide variety of artists and music genres.

Large vinyl music record collection including 78’s and a large sound effects library on vinyl purchased from the Australian National Film and Sound Archive – ScreenSound Australia.

Sound Effects

Large SFX Collection on vinyl, CD and analog tape. Many personal recordings collected by Jeff Evans (recording engineer) These effects can be easily implemented within post audio mixes of soundtracks for television and film and multimedia.  Can go out and record location audio if required.  Familiar with location audio boom and wireless recording techniques and technology.

Sample Libraries and Groove Based Libraries

Jemusic has an extensive set of sample based groove libraries running into many Gigabytes of rhythmic raw materials for inspiring creative musical ideas. Many genres of groove based material.  Jemusic can also custom design unusual and individual grooves adding to the existing library.

Voice Over and Dialogue Production Facilities

High quality microphone and mic preamp to digital enable quality voice-overs to be created and edited as well as a range of additional dialog editing services.  Jemusic editing facilities can work with existing location recordings and specialises in removal of unwanted noise and sweetening of audio.

Recording Studio

The Jemusic recording space is capable of comfortably accommodating up to 6 musicians at one time allowing the recording of ensembles to take place if required.  This includes string quartet or larger. (Jemusic has access to String Quartet musicians for live recording of string parts for soundtracks)

Also good for bands wanting to track a lot in initial sessions.

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