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Melbourne audio and music producer creating quality original music composition, providing album and post production audio services, tuition and performance.

Jemusic Partners are Jeffrey Evans and Louise Hildyard. 

Jemusic can provide music composing and production for Television, Advertising, Radio, CD Rom, Websites, Video, Documentaries, Theatre and Audio Visual Presentations.

…anything requiring fresh, innovative, highly produced music.

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Original Music Composition

Stylistically, the music can be in many genres from total acoustic recordings to complex electronic music productions and anywhere in between.

Jemusic has been composing original music for the above mediums for over 20 years.  Jeff Evans and Louise Hildyard apart from being creative and original composers and highly competent players of drums, percussion, keyboards and violin also have an extensive network of Melbourne musicians and others throughout Australia that can be incorporated into any music productions as required. These range from male and female vocalists to instrumentalists that cover a wide range of musical genres.

The Jemusic studio is equipped with state of the art music production technology ranging from highly sought after vintage analogue synthesizers, samplers and digital instruments to the latest virtual instruments as well.

We also have a large range of sample music libraries and sample CD’s  which also allow for the latest techniques in music creation.

Whatever is required is possible. From live string quartet pieces to complete electronic soundscapes, it is all possible at Jemusic.

Album Production

Many artists have come to Jemusic to produce their albums. Jeff Evans is a producer with broad ranging experience and is capable of eliciting the best work from performers in the studio.

Jemusic can record albums from songs that are highly rehearsed by the bands or artists or, at the other end of the scale, artists can come to Jemusic with songs requiring further development.  Jeff can work with the arrangements of the songs to take them forward to their final completed state.

The Jemusic studio is very well equipped for such work.  The network of musicians that Jemusic also has contact with is a very powerful resource for artists to enhance their music.

All stages of album production can be realised from tracking, overdubbing, mixdown and mastering. From concept to completed master ready for duplication.

Jeff Evans strength lies in the diversity of music styles and genres he has produced.  Not locked into any one particular style, Jeff is experienced with many musical genres as his tastes in music range over a very wide variety of styles.  This give you a great advantage when integrating diverse musical approaches into a final production.

Post Production Audio Services

The Jemusic studio is capable of SMPTE time lock to vision (or import a range of video files into the soundtrack mixing software) Jeff has a lot of experience in mixing complete soundtracks for television and film. This involves mixes containing, dialogue, effects and music.
From on location recording and editing and sweetening to a vast SFX collection as well as music production allows for these services to be provided.

We also have high quality voice over recording and editing facilities and can provide voice over talent if required.

We also specialise in sweetening audio recordings that are of poorer quality and can create often much higher quality soundtracks with the addition of SFX and additional music and improved original dialogue.

Jemusic has mixed many soundtracks for television and can make your soundtrack into better and more exciting sounding audio experience.

Theatre Sound Design/ Music Composing Services

Jeff Evans has been creating sound designs and composing music for theatre for over twenty years. Music can be composed to link scenes or underscore in many genres. The music production system at Jemusic is well equipped for theatre and soundtrack design. The Jemusic studio has a large SFX collection as Jeff has had an interest in collecting sound effects since the mid 70’s. We have recorded and collected many SFX. Modern digital manipulation of sound effects allows for some very interesting sound design. Jeff has composed musical soundscapes and sound designs for theatre productions of all types, exhibitions and performances.


Music, Technology and Audio Production

Jemusic provides a range of teaching and tutoring services for a variety of subjects and instruments. These can be one-on-one or for small groups.

Jeff has been actively involved with many teaching institutions over the years.  In Canberra, the Canberra School of Music and the Canberra Institute of Technology and in Melbourne the JMC Academy, North Melbourne Institute of TAFE – (NMIT) Jeff currently lectures in audio engineering and sound production at the NMIT. Jeff has also taught at Kangan Batman TAFE (teaching computer music to young men and women at the Melbourne Juvenile Justice Centre), and Revolver.

As a composer, producer and performer Jeff’s skills as a teacher are unique along with Louise’s many years of experience performing and teaching violin.

The areas that can be taught are:

Setting up a music recording studio? 
Interest in home studio technology is growing.  Jemusic can provide you with the setup skills and production techniques you need to make the most from your investment.

Tuition can be tailored to your requirements.  Students can select from small tutorials to pursue specific areas of interest or undertake longer complete courses that cover a wide range of subjects and in much more depth.

Jeff and Louise are trained to tertiary level musically and Jeff has taught Cert 2, Cert 3 & Cert 4, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and degree levels. Jeff has also written curriculum on all these levels for various institutions in Melbourne.

We are well qualified to teach for professional performance or personal enjoyment.

Backing Tracks

If you are a solo performer that works either solo or with musicians live, and you need quality backing tracks, we can produce them for you at the Jemusic. They can range from simpler midi tracks to much complex tracks that feature live musicians and playing for the ultimate in realism. Jeff plays drums, percussion and piano and Louise plays violin and all this adds to the quality of your backing tracks. Your backing tracks can  be tailored to sound very original. Backing tracks can be created for many other uses such as education applications and any situation where a very professional performance is required with just the live performer and the backing track is used.

Improving your existing midi files

Your midi files can be imported into our software and then the tracks re assigned to much higher quality instruments, mixed properly and turned into audio CD’s or mp 3 files. This will transform your standard GM midi sounds into rich high quality instruments.  Live musicians can be added too. This process is also very cost effective.

Live MultiTrack Recording

We have the technology to bring a 16 track multitrack recorder and mixer (if required) and most often can connect to the existing live mixing console. This allows a multitrack recording to be made live (up to 16 tracks) with all the excitement of the live performance but with all the live sources captured separately.

Later production and mixing in the Jemusic studio allows for a perfect mix. This option is often much more cost effective than doing full studio multitrack recordings of band that would take place here for example. With all the overdubs and solos etc.

We have recorded many bands live from traditional Greek bands to contemporary bands, live pub sessions, tribute shows, corporate events etc playing in a wide variety of situations. These recordings can be made even in difficult circumstances eg. a wedding for example. The effective aspect of live recording is only mixing and mastering needs to be done later and very high quality results can be achieved, sounding very similar to quality studio recordings. And as mentioned earlier, nothing beats the electricity that often occurs in a live situation.

Live Performance

Both Jeff and Louise have broad performance backgrounds.  Formally Jazz trained, their experience has been diverse, covering Symphony Orchestra, Australian Bush, Rock, Latin and the list goes on.  These versatile performers have performed solo, in trios, quartets, groups and ensembles large and small.  Should you have occasion to require the services of music professionals, Jemusic can assist in assembling the musicians and music for your event or recording session.  See Melbourne String Quartet - String Suite.

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